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This week we have the last episode  of ‘Tom and Irma’ Chronicles of the 1950‘s”  by our own Susan Patterson

This came from a Radio Kinver request and just kept growing into this collection of warming honest heartfelt memoirs. Also available as an audio book.


Visit the shop for other of her books too.

Below Susan Patterson, the author ‘Earlene Grey’ of Tom and Irma, and many poetry books, she is in fact daughter of those indomitable  and loveable characters.

Greetings this week we send to all our listeners who are ill or recovering from illness.  We greet our new listeners in Bristol and San Pedro Ca. Port Elizabeth South Africa. Hello to Gloria and Hal on their 25th anniversary over in Mexico City.

A big hello to all animal pets and companions who make our lives so much richer.

And to all our new listeners we extend a warm friendly welcome to RKWP Land of which you are a welcome immigrant!!

We send our love and hugs to all who are coping with various illnesses and are preparing for surgery. We may not mention you by name but be assured you are all in our hearts.

Helen Betts of Washington D.C. Writes of an exhibition at the National Building Museum.

“Soaring to the uppermost reaches of the Museum, Hive is built entirely of more than 2,700 wound paper tubes, a construction material that is recyclable, lightweight, and renewable. The tubes vary in size from several inches to 10 feet high and will be interlocked to create three dynamic interconnected, domed chambers. Reaching 60 feet tall, the installation’s tallest dome features an oculus over 10 feet in diameter. The tubes feature a reflective silver exterior and vivid magenta interior, creating a spectacular visual contrast with the Museum’s historic nineteenth-century interior and colossal Corinthian columns.”

Contrasting styles


Framing the busts

Ground level

Hive shadows

Into the light

Magenta on view

Receding tubes


The Orifice

Three hives in a row

Tubes and more tubes

Two hives and a column